Manufactured fittings

Manufactured fittings
Our experience in the service of our building industry: budgeting and logistics of transport guaranteed by thirty years of experience in this field; proven technical ability and qualifications of the assembly.fittings

Wind farm Lieskau (Germany)
lavori Mario Runco & Figlio Company has managed its first Germany project; the LG1750 (configuration SL7 DHS wirh 153 m. of boom height) has been used to install the wind turbines at Lieskau wind farm. We will cooperate with Vestas Germany for several V112 – 140m. hh liftings, Lieskau ‘s wind farm is located in the Northern part of the Germany and this is only the first project which will be followed by a chain of several installation works all over the German territory. Our Company made a strong effort to reach this new important target, our staff (technical, operative and commercial resources) made all the best to follow-up this challenge. We’re really an international Company, we look forward for the future challenges.
Wind farm Chirnogeni (Romania)
lavori The first wind turbine built by European and Mario Runco & Figlio Srl, has been installed by Liebherr LG 1750 in the wind farm Chirnogeni (Romania). Contract awarded by Iberdrola Engineering & Costruction for the 80 MW of power. Costruction Company Nordex Turbines, has awarded the company MR&F the installation of 15 N90/2500 turbines. The wind farm is located in the Dobrogea Region near to the Black Sea coast. At this windy location characterized by mean wind speeds in excess of 7 m/s, the wind farm is expected to perform very well the N90/2500 turbines employed. The crane configuration is as follows: · Configuration LG 1750 SL8HS Lifting Heights Lattice Boom 112+6m, Counterweight 245, and radius 18m “Chirnogeni is an important reference project for our new subsidiary in Romania. In this way, we are demonstrating, with Professionalism, Expertise and Dedication, that large-scale projects can also be successfully executed in this country by Runco Mario & Figlio Srl”
Wind Farm Casimcea II “Romania“ Mounting N°39 Blade Enercon Model E-82 da 55 M.- Telescopic Crane LTM 11200 9.1.

Work in Progress:
PROJECT CASIMCEA II:  The project Casimcea II cod. W-07356 for the assembly of N 39 ° Blade (13 Wtg to the tower height of 116 meters) Model E-82 with a total length of blade equal to 55 meters. The crane used for the assembly work has been the

  • Configuration LTM 11200 9.1 T7YEVENZF Lifting Heights Telescopic Boom  100+9.1+6.5 m, Counterweight 62 Ton, and radius  28 m
Wind Farm Stejaru “Romania“ Turbine Enercon E-82 – 107 M. Mounting Slewing Platform Crane LG 1750

Work in Progress
PROJECT STEJARU:  The project Stejaru cod. W-04208 includes the installation of 15 Wtg model E-82 107 m PFC.  The crane involved in the implementation of the wind turbines are:

  • N°1 Crane for Pre-Assembly component Enercon Configuration LIEBHERR 1500 – 8.1. T6Y3 telescopic boom 52,5 m, Counterweight  90, and radius 17 m.
  • N°2 Main Crane for  ERECTION Tower Enercon with  auxiliary cranes:

Configuration  LG 1750 SL8HS Lifting Heights Lattice Boom  112+6 m, Counterweight  245, and  radius  18m
Configuration LTM 11200 9.1 T7YVEV3V2NZF Lifting Heights Telescopic Boom  82.5+25.1+6.5 m, Counterweight 120 Ton, and radius  14 m

Year 2013 P. E. Deliceto (Fg) # 2-3.0 MW WTG SL3000 93 Mt
lavori Our first experience with the colossus of Chinese vel concerned the SL3000 series of wind turbines, which are situated right in the adoption of advanced technologies in the field of wind energy. With the rated power of 3,000 kW, the rotor diameter of 100m and 90m hub height, Main Crane used for the realization of this project was the LG 1750 with a machine configuration SL8HS, 105 + 6 m arm , and 245 tons of counterweight. The erection of the spacecraft 125 Tons represented a significant procedure, for what is one of the world's leading technology, patented to date. This series is adaptable to all areas of wind, environmental conditions and network codes. Professionalism and Dedication this time have contributed in an exemplary manner, and in record time, the success of the project, given also the objective conditions of morphological difficulties besetting the site. In November 2009, the SL3000 series won the Gold Award at CIIF 2009 (China International Industry Fair 2009). In February 2011, this series also won the first prize of Science and Technology in Jiangsu for the year 2010. In November 2011, Sinovel won the first prize for progress in the field of national energy science and technology.
Year 2013 P. E. Matisse (Fg) # 13 WTG V112 - 3.0 MW 94 Mt
lavori The 'wind farm Matisse # 13 WTG represent the MR & F a source of pride and pride, as this project is identified as a milestone for the installed wind power capacity in the country, being one of the first parks turbine V112-3.0 MW. Thanks to the area swept by its blades 55 meters long, the V112-3.0 MW allows you to take advantage of the large wind resource sites in medium and low wind speed, responding perfectly to the needs of the more mature markets of solutions turbines with rotors wider. As for the relevance of our industry, the creation of the Park of Matisse involved as many as 2 Main Crane, the LTM 11200 9.1. T3YV2VEN machine configuration having 120 mt arm and 202 tons of ballast, and the LG 1550 SLK machine having a configuration with 117 mt of lattice boom, and 200 tons of counterweight. In the face of a valid partnership, consolidated for years now with the world VESTAS, implementation and completion of this project was also a tangible example of the capability and efficiency.
Year 2013 P. E. Winds of Nura (Ss) # 3 WTG - 3.2 MW 95 Mt
lavori For the construction of the wind farm "Winds of Nura" composed of WTG # 3, you used the Main Crane LG 1750 SL8HS configuration, having an arm length of 105 + 6 meters, with 245 tons of counterweight, and a stabilization machine of 16.0 x 16.0. The wind turbines of 3.2 MW of REpower Systems, with a height of 95 meters, a rotor diameter of 114 meters, with long glass fiber blades 55.8 meters, which is derived from the technological research in the offshore sector represent the top of technology for our country, since each tower wind could sweep an area of ??more than 10,000 square meters. The efficiency of the product REpower together with the professionalism and the 'undoubted expertise, features hinges what is the business model of the RM & F, has contributed, to date, the fulfillment of the most advanced wind turbines in Italy.
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