Our company Mario Runco & Son S.r.l.
Mario Runco & Figlio S.r.l.
lavori Mario Runco & Figlio S.r.l. Based in C / Santa Chiara in Rende, in the province of Cosenza, has been on the market for over thirty years, dealing with transport normal, exceptional and great upheavals in Italy and abroad in the field of large public works . With the dedication and commitment of the Sole Director Mr. Charles Runco and his collaborators, over the years the company has concentrated its efforts in modernizing the fleet and the total engineering study for the resolution of issues concerning the ' use of cranes in job sites for the construction of wind farms and power plants, as well as the study of viability for the performance of important tasks related to the transport of components and artifacts, particularly demanding in terms of size and weight, for the construction of industrial plants of all kinds. With regard to another of the areas in which it concentrates its core business, transportation and installation of bridge beams on CAP, the contracts acquired in the last two decades, combined with the efficiency and professionalism have enabled the ' company to become a leader in the industry for the entire center south of the peninsula The Runco Mario & Figlio Srl is able to meet the demands of an increasingly severe and demanding customers, with the use of modern equipment and cutting edge, in fact placing of forty lines of modular axis, with the back flow of up to 300 Ton., the 'technologically more modern equipment now present in Italy, in addition to the wide range of trailers and equipment suitable for any type of special transport, not least that of wind power components. The company also owns one of the most modern crane parks and qualitatively most versatile of our country, aimed at various jobs and characterized by a wide range of capacities, from small cranes to 30 tons. to the most demanding mobile cranes with telescopic boom and lattice from 350 - 450 - 500 - 550 - # 2 Liebherr LTM 11200 - 9.1, the mobile crane with telescopic boom largest in circulation today, to finish the new entries, the mobile crane Liebherr lattice LG 1750 also has numerous other trailers and semi-trailers exceptional that allow you to meet the different needs of customers in terms of transport of earth-moving machinery, metalwork in general, transformers, boilers, turbines, compressors, generators, and more, the assistance of a specialized and motivated to achieving the more important for a company, the complete satisfaction of the customer The company pays special care and attention to the continuous improvement of the technical competence of its staff, who have to rely on daily, but Also on training courses and refresher courses organized and held both inside and outside the company. In addition, the company has always been law-abiding Hygiene Code and Safety of Workers, acts as the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Since November 2011, the Runco Mario & Figlio Srl opens its Branch Office in Romania, bringing a further growth of the company on the basis of improvements determined by its knowledge and expertise in the field of transport and heavy lifting, so as to be even more of a reality in continuous evolution, always in step with the programs of the 'European Union in the field of wind energy.


Mario Runco & Figlio has 6 Trucks, 2 Trucks with cranes, 12 tractors, 14 BI-USE 15 Trailers 34 Semitrailers, Modular 9, 16 and 1 crane platform.