feasibility studies'

feasibility studies'
feasibility studies'

Feasibility Studies
Our feasibility studies 'have the purpose' to achieve full customer satisfaction, performing accurate measures for all the solutions necessary to ensure the success of a project. L 'objective in our feasibility study' is not therefore to identify potential projects, but rather 'to give substance to a pre-identified project, providing all the necessary elements for the start of the implementation phase. Although the content of a feasibility study 'varies considerably according to the nature of the project, and' possible to draw the following structure reference by conditions that make it convenient to the implementation of the projects, but does not skimp and that 'the provision a service designed to provide knowledge of:

Analysis of current situation
Preliminary survey of the project
Morphological characteristics of the site
Strategy Design
Road Survey Report - Proposed Maximum - Schemes graphics
Changes to roads' Identification of possible alternatives
Request Permissions of transit to local institution

So a large capacity 'of coordination, to ensure quick and efficient and find solutions through the design know-how of high-level Performance, outlining and realizing in the process of moving the project from the current state to the final

In this zip you can find the feasibility studies' carried out by Runco Mario & Figlio, click here to download them.
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Our company operates throughout the country and internationally for over 30 years. And 'specialized in the field of road transport and exceptional normal, lifting, industrial fittings, complete transport systems, transport and fittings of bridge girders and prefabricated elements in general. The venue covers an area of ​​approximately ...

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